Farm Production

Orchard Crops

We offer 15 different varieties of apples that we grow here at Hy-Hope Farm, including some of the most popular such as Honey Crisp, Macintosh, Empire, Gala and some up and coming varieties such as Ambrosia and Fuji. All of our apples are for sale in our store in season as well as baked into our delicious apple pies.

We also produce numerous tender fruits including plums, sweet and sour cherries, red and black currants, gooseberries, rhubarb and our newest addition blueberries. We use a majority of these fruits in our pies and jams as well as offering them for sale in our farm market.

Our Latest planting of orchard now includes Peach trees!!! We are hoping they will produce lovely juicy peaches in the coming seasons.

Farm Raised Meats

We offer beef, pork and whole chickens for sale in our freezers in the store all of which are hormone free. We offer steaks, roasts, ground and stewing beef as well as sides and quarters of beef custom cut to our customers needs. We also have pork chops, bacon, ham steaks and garlic sausage ready to take home as well.  We also offer whole free range chickens that are excellent for roasting.


At Hy-Hope Farm veggies are in our roots. From the beginning we have always offered corn, tomatoes, onions and much more . We still grow many different vegetables that we have for sale in our farm market as well as using them in our preserves. From sweet corn in our Corn Relish to cucumbers for Dill Pickles, Tomato Salsa to Zucchini Relish there aren’t many vegetables that we don’t use. For sale in the store we also carry some less common vegetables that are finding new homes on plates every week. We offer kohlrabi and celeriac, romanesco and cheddar cauliflower and we are always looking for something new to experiment with.


Dave is growing his own grains, which are ground into flour for use in his breads. He grows both spring red wheat and rye.  The wheat that he is growing is a Durham Red Wheat, which is a hard wheat, high in protein and excellent for his hearty country loaves. We are using a  locally grown spelt as well for a lower gluten option. All of our flours are milled locally as well and the flour is untreated, unbleached and traditional. The flours are available for sale in the store  in five and ten pound bags.