Store and Bakery

Pies, Butter Tarts and Breads

Our pies are baked using a homemade pie filling, mostly from fruit grown on our own farm or other local farms. Our pastry is made from scratch, hand rolled to create a flaky tender crust. On any given day we have at least eight different types of pies, from popular apple or strawberry and rhubarb to less common varieties such as plum or strawberry and red currant.

We use Nan’s secret butter tart recipe and we still use REAL BUTTER! That’s not a secret.

Our bread is made from stone ground flour, which is milled using traditional met­hods. We use spring red wheat grown on the farm and locally grown rye and spelt. All our flours are available for sale in the store as well.

We bake everyday in our on-site kitchen so our customers have fresh and great quality products.

Jams and Preserves

We also produce our own jams and preserves on-site when the fruits and vegetables are at their peak. We offer many jams with only two ingredients: fruit and sugar. Most of our recipes are reminiscent of what our mothers and grandmothers used to make in their kitchens.

Fruits and Vegatables

Throughout the summer months, fruits and vegetables are for sale in our market. We carry everything from apples to zucchinis and everything in between. In June we have local strawberries and rhubarb and in July, fresh tomatoes and corn. Throw in some peppers, onions and maybe some new potatoes and that sounds like the beginning of a tasty summertime dinner. Then top it all off with some freshly stewed plums… mmmmm. Later on in the harvest we have 15 different types of apples all grown in our own 18 acre orchard. We also offer pumpkins, squash, cabbage, cauliflower and loads of root vegetables.

Somewhere in the middle of all of that there are hanging baskets, cut flowers and perennials.


Our freezers are stocked with naturally raised beef, pork and chickens. Most importantly, we do not use growth hormones or shots of any kind. The animals are all pasture fed and free-range. We offer steaks, roasts, ground beef and sides of beef custom cut to the customers needs. Whole free-range chickens and pork chops, bacon and sausages that are great for the BBQ are also available for sale.

We also sell farm fresh Eggs! They are from our free-range, happy little hens. We have them for sale in the store daily but they tend to go fast on the weekends so you can always call the store to ask us to save you some.

Over the years, Dave and Carol have made many changes and new additions to the farm. In the last 30 years, small family farming has changed quite a bit but one thing still remains: the desire to bring the freshest products to our communities.

From the beginning, the goal at Hy-Hope Farm was always to do things differently. To attract families to our farm so they can see the products we produce first hand and take those products home.